RUS funding stopped – BSII too?

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Finally it’s hit the New York times, the Rural Utilities Service is suspending funding for coal plants until at least 2010:

Loans Program for Coal Plants Suspended

First question: What’s the implication for Big Stone II?

RUS Notice of EIS for Big Stone II

Second question: If Big Stone II goes down, and where Big Stone II needed the SW CapX line to interconnect… what happens to the SW CapX line? Will that go south?

Third question: Is there RUS funding for CapX and will this suspension have an impact on transmission for coal?

The notion of RUS financing of CapX has been raised, and the question is whether there IS a plan for RUS financing and if so, since there’s an EIS necessary for federal funding of transmission, should that EIS be done in conjunction with the “Environmental Report.” Commerce is arguing that it’s not an issue and the scoping reflected that, rejected the notion entirely:

Additionally, no application for a permit or funds from the Rural Utility Service is anticipated by any of the applicants. No action requiring a federal EIS is anticipated. If that situation were to chagne when any route applications are filed, the Department would pursue all opportunities to coordinate the EIS reviews in those proceedings with any relevant federal agency reviews.

So that pretty much precludes a reasonable environmental review at this stage, eh? Not that Commerce could credibly do environmental review…

Commerce… environmental review… what’s wrong with this picture?

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