CapX Hearings have begun

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And what a start!  I just haven’t had the time to post, between these hearings, the long commute, a doggie in early renal failure and a car in end-stage alternator failure, AAAAAAARGH.

Here’s a quick heads up on an important document — it’s not in the record yet, but it will be soon, with any luck.  This document explains why they want CapX: ECONOMIC BENEFITS!  Here’s how they can make a lot of money on transmission, enough that this plan for over $3 billion in transmission, seems to be moving forward:

MISO Benefits Analysis – February 28, 2007

Read this for starters and I’ll get more posted soon.

And remember, Exhibit 13, this is what it’s all about:

The blue dotted lines from the “Dakota coal fields” (their words) through Minnesota into mid-Wisconsin.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace