Replies to NoCapX 2020 and CETF Motions

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There’s been responses to NoCapX 2020 and CETF Motions to Reopen CapX 2020 hearing for additional evidence — evidence of sharply decreased demand.

U-CAN Reply Regarding Reopening of Hearing

NoCapX 2020 Reply Regarding CETF & NoCapX 2020 Motions

NAWO/ILSR Comments on Motions to Reopen

Applicants Response to CETF’s Motion and Related Filings by NoCapX

Check them out, particularly the Applicants, because they really don’t have much of consequence to say, it’s not like they can say we’re mistaken about the massive decrease in demand!

Commissioner Reha stumping for CapX 2020

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The good news is that Minnesota Public Utilities Commissioner Phyllis Reha did NOT stump for transmission as a speaker at the 2009 National Electricity Delivery Forum.

Who cares?  Well, this is old news, but as the PUC decision on CapX 2020 need approaches, bias exhibited by Commissioners is important to note — and here’s a good example from a prior Forum:

PUC Commissioner Reha: Enhancing the Nation’s Electricity Delivery System

What does this say to you?  Isn’t this something CapX 2020 should be presenting, not a Commissioner?  Having presented this, should Phyllis Reha be in a position to make a decision on the “need” for CapX 2020?  I think not!

Phyllis Reha has regularly appeared at the Energetics National Electricity Delivery Forum.  She made this presentation first in 2006, and she moderated a panel in 2007 (with Steve Corneli, former MN Asst. A.G. now V.P. at NRG!) and appeared in 2008.

At the 2007 “Forum” Laura McCarten, Xcel, was also presenting on CapX 2020 (yawn, nothing exciting):

CapX 2020 Transmission Initiative: Progress through an Alliance Approach

Even TRANSLink’s Audrey Zibelman, now PJM, was there in 2007.  Old home week…

Everything this group does PRESUMES transmission.  Is this something a PUC Commissioner should be doing?  I think it’s right up there with junkets to Europe to look at IGCC plants…

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace