MOES denies western Citizens Advisory Task Force

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Here we go again, people trying to get their participatory rights, but noooooooooo, not if the Minnesota   Office of Energy Security has anything to say about it.   Participate?  HUH?  WHY?

From a firsthand report about the Marshall EIS scoping meeting, regarding contact with Scott Ek and requests from the public for a Citizen Advisory Task Force on the western part of the line:

[A]t least three Townships had spoken to him as well, so there had been at least 4 separate calls to him.   I had been contacting township reps that I knew around here to let them know what a CATF was.  Scott said that letters had gone out to all the townships to let them know they could request one, but none I spoke to had received any, so nobody even knew there was such a thing as a CATF.  And no surprise here, but everybody I talked to was immediately interested in participating – I had no problem getting people to say they’d call him and request one.  Well, Scott made the mistake at this meeting of saying “there was no interest in this area in a CATF” and boy did he get it.  If you ever can access the transcripts from the Marshall 1:00 meeting, there’s some interesting reading in there.  I felt really bad for him, actually.  But then I thought, “well, buddy, do your job and you wouldn’t be in this pickle.”


Thanks to a little birdie for that.  I suspect that this is the same as what I experienced. I had been emailing local governments and then calling, and they had not received anything, and didn’t until not long before the deadline for requests.  Hmmmmmmmm, and they wonder why there are few requests?  But to ignore those on the western side, it’s just like they tried to do at the Commission meeting where we “won” Task Forces, where they tried to set only one Task Force, ONLY one… for those privileged few in Dakota County!  What uttter bullshit.  I am so tired of these games, keeping people out.  Landowners have rights and they have a right to be heard. This is their land, their life, and there is no excuse for not having a Task Force set up, or TWO or THREE or FOUR or more Task Forces set up on the central and western part of the Brookings line.  There is no excuse for this — do you here that MOES?


Here’s from the Marshall Independent.

Some residents of Lyon County townships said they were unhappy about not being allowed to form a citizens’ advisory task force on the routing process, like residents along the eastern parts of the routes had done.

“We applied, and from what I understand we were denied,” said Galen Boerboom, a resident of Westerheim Township. Boerboom said he had communicated with OES staff about forming a task force, but received no response. “There’s a lot of mistrust that comes, and a lot of questions unanswered.”

Grandview Township Clerk Brian Buysse said he had spoken personally with OES project manager Scott Ek about forming a task force. Harold Dieken of Fairview Township said he had also communicated with Ek via e-mail.

OES representatives at the meeting said they had mailed letters inquiring about task forces to area city, county and township government, but they received few responses. In the two areas that did form task forces, the government response was much larger, they said.

“If we don’t receive enough requests from (local government) entities, we can’t do it,” Ek said.

I hope he got the message loud and clear, I hope each and every MOES staffer and every CapX 2020 representative got the message.


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