Myrick Route & How to find things on PUC site

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At New Prague, three people brought up how hard it was to find things, or not knowing where to find things, so here’s an update on that — I’ve posted it often, but it realy is hard for people, particularly if they don’t know the docket number.

To look at PUC eFiling info — all the stuff that’s been filed in the various dockets go to:


Scroll down until you see the “search” button and right below that is the space to plug in the docket numbers.  The first docket number represents the year it was filed, and the second is the docket number.

For the Certificate of Need Docket for Phase I – plug in 06-1115.

For Brookings Routing Docket, plug in 08-1474.

For the Monticello to St. Cloud, plug in 09-246.

For the Fargo to Monticello, plug in 09-1056.

moes-tavern1MOES has a site, but it’s not the official record, that’s only on the PUC site.  The thing is, info that is on PUC site does not always, USUALLY does not, appear on the MOES site.  And things that are on the MOES site, also don’t necessarily get onto the official docket posting.  That’s been a problem in the Mesaba docket, the Brookings docket, and it’s important to go through the Comments and other things and make sure that they get posted in the PUC official docket so it becomes part of the record.  Who cares?  Why is it important?  Well, the purpose of the EIS is to “inform the record” but that’s been regarded as a separate process.  Meanwhile, important information that relates to siting or routing is often submitted as comments to the DEIS or in scoping that do not make their way into the record and we only find out very late in the process, like the DOT’s comments and US Fish & Wildlife comments on the Brookings DEIS.  Thanks to an alert citizen, and the DOT’s David Seykora, info is finally in the record that should have been there much earlier.  Seykora is DOING HIS JOB!!! (like wow, very impressive that an agency employee shows up and pays attention and submits documents and ultimately testimony about important stuff, one would expect, but no, this is not typical of agencies, and there are a lot of people oh-so-grateful that the DOT showed up.  I wish we could say the same for other agencies… sigh…).

People were wondering where to find the big maps, the most updated oens, that are being used at the front of the room to ID routes.  If you go to the PUC site, look in docket 08-1474 for Exhibits 123-136.  It starts with the river crossings as 123 and 124, and then from west to east, 125-136.  NEVERMIND, I just went and looked and I don’t see them.  Will post a link after I find out where they are.

The notice for the Myrick route is now filed, it went out this week, THIS WEEK, after all the hearings were over, and this is their preferred route.

Dec 30 Notice – Myrick Route

map-lesueur-myrickrouteYeah,  I know, it’s  hard to see.  Myrick is the lighter blue alignment, south of the darker blue along 169 there.  For a closer look, go to the Notice link above and scroll down to bottom, there’s the pdf map!

Brookings CapX 2020 schedule

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We had a scheduling conference yesterday, and here’s the upshot:

Counsel and Parties –

This email summarizes the dates agreed to at the Scheduling Conference in this case on Dec. 30, 2009. On the assumption that the Transcripts of all the hearings will be distributed approximately January 8, 2010, and that the Final EIS will be completed on January 22, 2010, the Administrative Law Judge set the following deadlines :

– February 3, 2010, for Public Comments

– February 15, 2010, for Initial Briefs (all Parties), OES’s Initial Comments, and Applicants’ Proposed Findings of Fact

– March 4, 2010, for Intervenors’ Proposed Findings of Fact

– March 12, 2010, for Reply Briefs (all Parties), and OES’s Final Comments

A more detailed document will be issued next week.

Richard C. Luis,   Administrative Law Judge

New Prague hearing notes

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Now promise you’ll not hold me to correct spelling, coherent thoughts, and zoning out during the hearing… the Susquehanna-Roseland brief was due Monday, so up way late and up again way early before dawn, and then after firing off the brief to New Jersey, I hammered down to New Prague and got there just before the 7 pm hearing started and it went until .. what… 5 after midnight???  Didn’t get home until pushing 2 am., thought I was gonna die, I’m just too old for this (next year I qualify for the “senior” discount, and I find that every time I go to the store here on a Wednesday, damned if they don’t ask… AAAAAGH!).  And I completely missed the PPSA hearing Tuesday, no way could I get up in time, didn’t get there until a little after 11, it was all done, everyone gone, almost… Oh, and I heard that the attorney representing City of Red Wing on the Prairie Island uprate and dry cask did a great job, Tom Hanlon, he told it like it is.   I’d guess that it was a pretty radicalizing experience for him, seeing how the system works and doesn’t.    So anyway, sorry I don’t have anything to report on the Power Plant Siting Act annual hearing.

Here are the really sketchy notes from the New Prague hearing:

Notes – December 28 – New Prague

The rest of the Brookings CapX 2020 schedule is coming up next…

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace