Advisory Task Forces for Hampton – Rochester – Alma route

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Now’s the time!  Moments ago, the Public Utilities Commission ordered that MOES report back to them with a plan for Citizen Advisory Task Forces on the Hampton-Rochester-Alma route.  YES!

This is good because recently, they’ve been letting Commerce’s MOES do the whole thing, at their discretion, and they have been screwing up — not appointing Task Forces, unreasonable limiting scope of task force work, not taking important information into account until it’s so late that it’s a struggle to inform the routing process.  Many of you on this list have experience this and more, with utter frustration.


If you’re along the proposed CapX 202o Hampton-Rochester-Alma route:

1) Contact the Minnesota Office of Energy Security’s Energy Facility Planning project manager and send in a request for a Citizens Advisory Task Force.

2) Contact your township, city and county officials and ask them to do the same. (copy PUC with your request so they know)

Request a Task Force for your area and another one for the proposed river crossing.

This is your task for today!!!  Thanks!!!

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace