Grant Stevenson in the news!

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Hey, WOW, dig this great quote from Grant Stevenson… maybe he’s not so bad after all:

GAMC fight: ‘Spare us the God stuff, Governor’

By Brian Lambert | Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some budgeting scuffles have more juice in them than others, and the current brawl over General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) is one of those. The affected group — including veterans — is about as vulnerable as anyone gets in modern America and the reek of political expediency is nearly overwhelming. Tom Scheck’s MPR story on the GAMC fight includes pressure Pawlenty is now facing from religious groups. Says Grant Stevenson a pastor at St. Matthew’s Lutheran in St. Paul, “The governor is going around saying, ‘God is in control.’ We elected you to be making decisions for this state that will help everyone in this state. Things that will lift up the poorest in this state … Don’t pass this off on God. That’s no God we’ve ever heard of. And please stop lecturing us about God. It’s offensive.”


… it’s not that Grant Stevenson?

… really?

… but… but… but it’s such a great quote…


Doppelgangers ‘R’ Us!

Myrick route withdrawn

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Two letters came in yesterday, one from the proposer of the Myrick route and another from the Mayor of LeSueur.  The Myrick route should be off the table now.  I hope the Mayor of LeSueur has called the Mayor of Belle Plaine with the news and copied him on this letter!

Letter from Duane Kamrath

Letter from Mayor of LeSueur

is Belle Plaine listening?

CapX in the news

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Today in Finance & Commerce:

A 35-acre site containing a 1,950-square-foot building at 11126 245th St E. in New Market Township might make way for power lines. The site was sold to Great River Energy in Maple Grove for $1.15 million on Dec. 22. Located off I35W and south of Lakeville, the land was first developed in 1980.

Randy Fordice, spokesperson for Great River Energy, said, “The 34.86 acres of land and 1,950-square-foot building were purchased because they’re adjacent to The Lake Marion substation, which will be expanded as part of the ‘Cap X 2020’ project—a series of electric transmission lines being proposed throughout the state.”

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace