Task Force meeting in Plainview

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Today is a Task Force meeting for the CapX 2020 transmission line from Hampton to Alma f/k/a LaCrosse.

They’re being led to prioritize the issues they’ve raised — IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE TO WATCH THIS EXERCISE because it has zero to do with the charge of the Task Force.

LaCrosse Project Task Force Charge

I wish people had brought it with to wave with fervor!!!

Now they’re supposed to draw lines on the map.  THAT is really a problem.  The question was asked what if the people there don’t know about this, and Charlie deferred to Matt, who said that notice would go out and tat they’d do what they could to get local governments involved.  Ummmm… what about the landowners?  In the Brookings docket, notice didn’t go out for at least two months!

Once more with feeling — if you’re going to propose a route, you have the moral obligation to knock on the door of each landowner it will cross and look them in the eye and tell them you want it on their land.

And then the woman representing Pine Island, Karen Doll who runs the EDA, said Pine Island wants it on the northern route?  HUH?!?!?!  She said she’d received that directive from the City.

Here’s the DOT’s Vision 52:

Hwy 52 Interregional Corridor Management Plan

And here’s a map that I’ve not seen before – Wildlife Corridors – on p. 17 of the Hwy 52 Plan:


Oh, I found a Goodhue County karst map, it looks a lot different from the one I remember from Nuclear Waste Daze:


image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace