Brookings – July 13th – it’s official now

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Today the official notice went out — the Public Utilities Commission will indeed be taking public comment and hearing oral arguments regarding the CapX 2020 Brookings transmission line route on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, and will be deliberating and making their decision on July 15, 2010.

Notice of July 13 and 15th PUC Meetings

And a bonus filing!  CapX 2020 (remember, they don’t exist as an entity!) filing:

June 23rd Letter to USFWS

Now’s the time to get ahold of your friends and neighbors and organize the car pool and help each other write your statements, make copies and URGE EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO CONTACT THE PUC AND SIGN UP TO SPEAK!!!


Call 651-296-0406 or 800-657-3782 

Or fire off an email to — tell them your
name, phone number, and group affiliation if any. 

12 @ 9:30 a.m.

First up – St. Cloud-Monticello – July 8th at PUC

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Now, before we get to the Brookings line, don’t forget that July 8th is the CapX 2020 St. Cloud-Monticello routing docket before the PUC.

Tricia DeBleeckere is out until July 21 (how did she manage that?!?!?!) and so if you want to make a Public Comment, her email says to contact Bret Eknes:  or  651-201-2236.

There were no intervenors in this docket, NO INTERVENORS, so Public Comment is important.  Once more with feeling:

Contact Bret Eknes:  or  651-201-2236.

And  now, for some background:

ALJ’s Recommendation for St. Cloud to Monticello

DOT’s Great River Road Mitigation Language for Permit

Staff Route Permit Comments and Recommendations

Staff Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions and Order

Staff Proposed Route Permit

Staff Route Permit Maps

This is what is before the Commission. And remember that this is where the ALJ also noted in the Recommendation above, that there were problems with EIS procedure, Task Force operations and public participation:

EIS Process

107. Some members of the public commented that they believed the EIS process was flawed. Carlos Lopez, on behalf of the Fish Lake Property Owners Association, stated that the DEIS public meeting was inadequate because there were no sign-in sheets, no maps, no displays, and only two copies of the DEIS for fifty people. He stated that the scoping phase was presented to the public and governmental agencies to gather input and ideas but that it seemed the scope was predetermined and that their comments were largely ignored.  Carlos Lopez, Trans. Mar. 8, afternoon, at 61-63; Ex. 106; Ex. 107.

Task Force Process

108. The ALJ received comments from Sherburne County, the City of Becker, Becker Township, Clear Lake Township and Haven Township expressing
disappointment with the Task Force process and lack of notice provided to local governmental units on the east side of the Mississippi River.  Roger Neils, Trans. Mar. 8, afternoon, at 48; Jeff Schlingmann, Trans. Mar. 8, afternoon, at 67-68; Ex. 110 (Paul Gray); Felix Schmiesing, Trans. Mar. 8, afternoon, at 106-107, and Comment, received Mar.19, 2010; Gary Hammer, Trans. Mar. 8, afternoon, at 114-116; Ex. 120 (City of Becker); Ex. 121 (Becker Township); Ex. 122 (Sherburne County Board of Commissioners); Ex. 123 (City of Becker).   State Senator Lisa Fobbe commented on behalf of her constituents in Sherburne County that the decision by the Advisory Task Force to consider Route D was made without involvement from the residents of Sherburne County.  Comment, Mar. 25, 2010; see also Comment, William Gulbrandson, Mar. 19, 2010.   109. Clear Lake Township commented that no representative of any governmental body in Sherburne County participated in the EIS scoping process before or after the identification of four proposed alternate routes located in Sherburne County.Clear Lake Township believes the Advisory Task Force did not comply with Minn. Stat.§ 216E.08, which requires public participation in the EIS preparation process.  Comment, Roger Neils, Mar. 18, 2010.

Does this sound familiar?

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