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Here are ROUGH notes from tonight’s hearing in Belle Plaine, it’s been along day:

October 5 notes

Brookings Public Hearing – LeSueur and Arlington

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Long day – it was the CapX 2020 public hearings in LeSueur and Arlington.  Here’s rough notes, lots of errors, names are wrong, and several times I missed a lot:

October 4 – LeSueur and Arlington

The highlight of the day was a heartfelt speech by Duane Kamrath, building on his January letter of withdrawal of the “Myrick Route” from consideration.  He’d originally proposed it as an option to draw the line away from his property on Doppy Lane.  He’s been trying to sell, to move back to his home turf after many years, and of course because the line has been proposed, no one is going to buy his property.  He’s stuck with that transmission line hanging over his head, figuratively now, perhaps literally later.  So he made that proposal at the Henderson meeting, last December, when the CapX proposal through LeSueur was obviously falling apart (andCapX jumped on it, tried to run with it and fell flat on their face).  Just less than a month later, he withdrew that proposal:

Duane Kamrath Letter of Withdrawal

Unfortunately, CapX 2020 had jumped on it, and formally proposed it in their December 15, 2009 filings.  Fortunately, it was NOT included in the DEIS, it was not a route alternative analyzed for impacts, SO that means that under the rules, the PUC is prohibited from selecting it.

Duane’s public comment last night was particularly moving because he sees the broader picture, that this line shouldn’t be inflicted on anyone.  He sees that transmission doesn’t belong traversing the Minnesota River Valley, have an appreciative and appreciated nod to the “NoCapX 2020” philosophy, and urged that if it is to cross the valley, anywhere, that it should be non-aerial.  He’s made the difficult journey from advocating for it to go somewhere, anywhere, else, to seeing that it’s a bad idea where ever it is proposed, that there are people where ever that might be, that no one wants it, no one should have to have it, that the impacts are universal and that it is harmful in so many ways, human, environmental and economic impacts.  It meant a lot to me to see that progression and hear how he described it and owned his beliefs.  He got a huge round of applause from the LeSueur audience, well deserved.  Thank you, Duane!

Someone said they couldn’t find our NoCapX testimony filed earlier, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, so here it is, exhibits to follow as I have time:

Exhibit 516 – Testimony of Michael Albrecht

Exhibit 527 – Testimony of Mark and Shirley Katzenmeyer

To check out all the filings, go to, then click “Search eDockets” and then search for docket 08-1474.  The testimony for this docket was filed September 10, 2010, so scroll down and keep an eye on the column on the left.

On to Belle Plaine, this afternoon at 2 and at 6:30 at the Country Club.

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