MOES DEIS out for Hampton-LaX!

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The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is out for the CapX 2020 Hampton – LaCrosse line!  I’m shocked, expected that with the workload lately, it would be at least another month.  The big issue for me is that they’re not working with the USDA’s Rural Utilities Service on a joint EIS.  And why on earth wouldn’t they rather work together?  Why duplicate so much?  Wouldn’t that mean you’d have better environmental review?  Oh… right… can’t have that now, can we?

MOES’ Notice of Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Don’t bother clicking on the link in the Notice yet, it’s not posted either on their site or the PUC’s official docket.

To check the PUC’s docket later, go to and “Search eDockets” and search for 09-1448 and look for the DEIS.  It should be posted later today.

And just for yucks, here’s the USDA’s RUS page for EIS regarding Dairyland’s $$ Request for CapX Financing.

When you’re going over this DEIS, quick check out Section 7, look for the magnetic field levels anticipated for a line with potential MVA of 2050 – their max is 600MVA, 600!!!:



CapX 2020 update

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I’ve heard a few comments questioning whether I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, but nooooo, just dealing with a hearing on another project…

So as for CapX Phase I, project by project(to review dockets, for MN projects GO HERE and search for docket number in parens below), here’s where we’re at with those projects where NoCapX has intervened:

Brookings-Hampton (08-1474): PUC order is out, and today would be deadline for a Motion for Reconsideration

Order Granting Route Permit

The eagle study requested by USFWS is ongoing… informal reports are that there are very high numbers of eagles in the LeSueur to Belle Plaine area.

Fargo-St. Cloud (09-1056): Briefs went in a month ago, and ALJ’s Recommendation is due any time now.

Hampton-LaX (MN) (09-1448): DEIS is supposed to be released today… $50 says it’ll be late, again…

Hampton-LaX (WI) (05-ce-136): PSC staff tossed it back to applicants, said that their application wasn’t complete.  They can refile at any time.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace