ATC Intervenes in Hampton-LaX

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American Transmission Company has filed a Petition to Intervene in the CapX 2020 Minnesota routing docket for the Hampton-LaCrosse route.  Hmmmmmmmmm… what does that mean?

ATC Petition for Intervention

Check it out, they say they have an interest, and no other party represents their interest, but can someone tell me what exactly their interest is?

In the present case, ATC has a direct and independent interest in the outcome of this proceeding that cannot be adequately represented by any other party.

As a transmission-owning member of Midwest ISO and an owner and operator of transmission facilities located in both Wisconsin and Minnesota, ATC has an interest in the planning and development of the transmission grid and thus has an interest in the Proposed Project and the outcome of this proceeding. In particular, as a transmission company serving a large portion of the state of Wisconsin, ATC has a unique interest in the regional development of transmission facilities terminating in the State of Wisconsin. Further, ATC recently announced plans to develop an approximately 150 mile 345 kV transmission line from the La Crosse area to the greater Madison area. While not an extension of the Proposed Project, ATC’s planned “Badger Coulee Transmission Line” is also a part of the regional grid development and would similarly provide multiple benefits to the region including improved electric system reliability, economic savings for utilities and energy consumers, and access to additional renewable energy.

Not an extension???  Will someone check the CapX 2020 map?


Oh, no, it’ not connected… well, there’s the list of CapX Phase I projects from the Minnesota Certificate of Need:


See that “Columbia – North LaCrosse” line?

May 11, 2005 Capx 2020 Technical Update

And there was another in October too with that same list…

Oh, no, it’s not connected… well, remember that famous Xcel and GRE press release on April 9, 2009?

Xcel-GRE Press Release april 3, 2009 (NoCapX Appeal Exhibit F)

Which says, in part:


And then there’s the map:


How stupid do they think we are?

While we’re at it, we might as well go back to the WRAO report, it’s not like this hasn’t been in the works for a while:


Oh, lookie there, what’s that coming eastward from LaCrosse???  Why, it’s a TRANSMISSION LINE!!!

This has been in the works for a long time, perhaps even longer than ATC!!!

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace