NoCapX & U-CAN file Objection to ATC Intervention

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Once again, it’s ATC.  Just now, NoCapX 2020 and United Citizen Action Network filed an Objection to ATC’s Petition for Intervention that they submitted a week ago:

ATC Petition for Intervention

And our objection:

NoCapX & U-CAN Objection to ATC Intervention

Why object?  Well, first, they don’t really explain what their interest is, saying they have an interest isn’t the same as stating what it is with some specificity; second, they may be the intended ultimate owner of CapX transmission once it is built and if so, then say so (and if not, say so and be BOUND by that statement; and third, well, folks, they said that their Badger Coulee line is not an extension of CapX.  SNORT!  IT’S A PART OF PHASE I. Remember that “Vision Thang?”


image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace