RUS Reopens Comments on Hampton-LaCrosse

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ONCE AGAIN, new corridors have been added to the Wisconsin side of the Hampton-Rochester-LaCrosse.

  • Were we notified of this change? NOOOOOOO!

This happened before, in October extending to December, and when I caught it, we were NOT notified, and caught it AFTER the top secret comment period had ended, I reasonably requested that it be extended:

Request for Extension – January 20, 2011

and was it extended?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Here’s what was changed last time around in October? Comment period through December 6, 2010???

USDA’s RUS files Macro Corridor Modification Maps

… and now, here we go AGAIN…

June 2011 – Letter – New Corridors



July 24, 2011 is the deadline for Comments, which should be sent to:

… or…

Stephanie A. Strength

Environmental Protection Specialist

Rural Utilities Service

Engineering and Environmental Staff

1400 Independent Avenue  S.W.

Mail Stop 1571, Room 2242

Washington, DC  20250

The link they give in their letter does notw work.  So mMy little birdie says and I tried too!  Nada…  What good is this June 2011 – Letter – New CorridorsEven if the link that they gave THREE times worked,  where can they get information? THIS LINK WORKS!  CLICK HERE! (Just got a call from Tom Hillstrom – THANK YOU!!! … and he’d heard from Stephanie, they tried it and it works, and I’ve tried it again and it works, hmmmmmmm…).  Now, let’s get the AES and MCS posted on that page!

So how do I know about this?  A little landowner birdie told me… she’d been out of town and gotten the letter. and then was looking around and was trying the link, nada, couldn’t find info, so she called me!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  This post is for you, but for your call, I’d never had known!!!  Or like last time, would have found out too late!


Meanwhile, I’m fixin’ to bust a gasket, and am composing another gentle letter with a few surprises… well, shouldn’t really be a surprise, but Stephanie, do DUCK AND COVER!

NoCapX 2020 Petitions to Intervene in WI

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The WISCONSIN part of the Hampton-Rochester-LaCrosse transmission project is now ramping up.

Notice of Proceeding – June 22, 2011

When the Wisconsin PSC issues a Notice of Proceeding, there are 14 days to submit a Petition to Intervene, so yesterday, NoCapX 2020 did just that:

NoCapX 2020 Letter and Motion for Intervention

And so did Citizens Energy Task Force:

CETF – Intervention

And Pat Conway:

Pat Conway – Intervention

So we’ve joined those already asking to intervene:

Citizens Utility Board – Intervention

ATC Intervention

Note that ATC, in its filing openly admits interconnection with the CapX Hampton-LaCrosse project, a connectedness that Judge Sheehy stated does not exist.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace