Belle Plaine eagle dx: Lead Poisoning

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The eagle found seriously injured near Belle Plaine, and the Belle Plaine Minnesota River crossing for CapX 2020 transmission was NOT injured by hitting a transmission line.  Diagnosis: LEAD POISONING.  And the eagle has died.

Original info came from the Belle Plaine Police Dept. Facebook page, which gave an incorrect account of the eagle’s diagnosis and prognosis:

Thank you to City Council member Cary Coop for notifying us of an injured eagle that had struck some power lines, by the Minnesota River about 1/4 mile west of the Highway 25 bridge. We were able to respond with him and locate the eagle which appeared to be breathing, but seriously injured. Critter Getters was called to respond and we assisted in transporting the eagle through the woods and to awaiting transport. The eagle was brought to the Raptor Center for care. I just received word that they will be able to rehabilitate the eagle and it will make a full recovery. To us this is important, as we wear the symbol of the eagles wings on all our badges which stand for freedom and justice and the readiness to defend it for all.

The update on the eagle just in from the Raptor Center — they have an “eagle report” call in line for status of birds in their care:

Hi Carol

The eagle we received from the Belle Plaine area was diagnosed with lead toxicity – blood lead levels were  very high (over 3ppm) and he was showing signs typically associated with lead poisoning, including respiratory distress and vocalizations. These are “late stage” signs and the bird unfortunately did die.

While he was listed as a possible powerline injury, there was nothing in our examination to suggest that. Let me know if you
have additional questions on the case.


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