Wisconsin – last chance for parties to weigh in

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Wisconsin’s CPCN process is a little different than MN, procedurally and substantively.  Procedurally, we get another whack at the apple before the Commission makes its decision, and that last chance is here, now.  Friday, the PSC staff filed their Briefing Memorandum and Decision Matrix, with the notice that we have until high noon next Monday, April 30, 2012, to ERF our comments.  Staff specifically states that:

Parties are encouraged to correct facts only and not to view this process as another opportunity to brief the case or participate in argumentative discourse.

Here are their filings — check out the arguments and how they posture this thing:

PSC Staff cover letter for their “BM and DM”

PSC Staff Briefing Memo and Attachment

PSC Staff Decision Matrix

This is it, last chance, so here we go!!  Time to dig up every factoid that supports our positions, hey, we can do that!


image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace