Oronoco files appeal!

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Tuesday, Oronoco Township filed a Writ and Statement of the Case for an appeal of the PUC’s Order regarding the use of White Bridge Road:

Oronoco Appeal – Part I

Oronoco Appeal – Part II

Oronoco Appeal – Part III

But its TOO EARLY, there are pending Motions for Reconsideration, the PUC isn’t done, and given the way Goodhue went, where the PUC tried to tell us we had to file, and we did, noting the PUC said to file and we thought it was too early, and the appellate court agreed and said NO, it’s too early…

So I fired off this:

Correspondence – Laymen for Christ

In ongoing email back and forth late Tuesday, Krass indicated he’d be withdrawing the appeal, without prejudice, to be refiled at the appropriate time… yet today, there’s another copy, all in one, rather than three parts… so who knows…

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace