Wisconsin – the plot thickens…

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Booted out… how can this be?

Here’s everything leading up to today’s dreadful court order:

Appeal Filings August 16, 2012

PSC’s Objections filed 8/29/12

PSC Reply Brief September 17, 2012

NoCapX and CETF Response to PSC’s Motions

Xcel Letter – No Briefing on PSC’s Motions

Judge Smith’s Letter and Scheduling Order

No CapX 2020 and CETF Response October 12, 2012

The PSC then filed its Reply in response to my Response:

PSC October 23, 2012 Supplemental Response

Check out p. 6 of their brief in particular, and the claim of using the Rothschild brief for reference — ummmmm… when they’re stating what the Marathon Circuit Order said?  Right…

And the judge’s Order, by fax today:

Order Granting Motion to Strike

Oh my… WOW…

At least in Minnesota the two Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse appeals are humming along, Initial Briefs due November 28th, and my Amicus Petition was approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court on the Buy the Farm case.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace