Oronoco Twp Appeals Transmission Decision

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Oronoco has Petitioned the Supreme Court to review the Appellate Court’s affirmation of the decision of the Public Utilities Commission to route CapX 2020 transmission through Oronoco Township.  I don’t have a copy of the Petition yet, they send mail by ox cart, but I found out, thanks to a little birdie:


Appellate Court Case Search site – plug in docket A12-1632 and click on “Petition – Further Review”

This might get you there directly: Petition – Further Review

HERE IT IS!!!  It arrived in the inbox!  Maybe it’ll appear in the mail tomorrow.

Oronoco Petition to the Supreme Court

I’m having a hard time understanding why they think it’s a good investment of public money to challenge this decision — the Rochester paper says they’ve spent $300,000 on this — but why?  The further you get from the administrative process, the harder it is to turn it around, the more deference a court gives the administrative process, which starts out at “great deference” and goes up from there.  WOW!  Well, here goes!

In the Rochester Post Bulletin:

Oronoco Township continues to fight CapX transmission line


La Crosse Construction Update

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George Nygaard sent these photos of the Briggs Road substation near La Crosse … at the count of three, let’s all get depressed…







image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace