WI PSC denys Segment A and CETF/SOUL Motions

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Today, after the PSC’s sound rejection of Petitions for Rehearing, the 30 day clock for judicial review starts ticking:

Petition for Judicial Review

Utility regulators reject requests for new hearing on Badger-Coulee

PSC unanimously rejects requests for new hearing on Badger-Coulee transmission line

Yesterday, the PSC was pretty flamboyant in their flagrant dismissal of the Segment A landowner’s Request for Rehearing.

Here’s the staff recap of the requests.

What did the Commissioners say?  They said that we cherry picked the evidence, that we misrepresented the evidence, that the EIS was thorough and we were off-base, that we were trying to relitigate the issues.

Segment A – Amended Petition for Rehearing

Really… In other words, they did not substantively deal with even one issue raised.

As for the CETF/SOUL Rehearing request, that went down in flames as well… it was based on “new information” and didn’t challenge any specific aspects of their decision.

What was Diane Ramthun’s role in this docket?

Well, here’s where Diane “Ransom” is!

With the timing of Oliveira’s February 15 announcement, when did CETF/SOUL know Ramthun was moving under Oliveira’s roof?  It had to have been in the works for some time…

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