Roger Moe stumping for CapX

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Roger Moe is now stumping for CapX! How long has this been going on? Can’t tell, he’s not registered as a lobbyist, and sure should be!  This is a Certificate of Need docket and will soon be a Siting Docket!

Lobbyist Data for Roger Moe

Years ago he was a short-lived lobbyist for TRANSLink, so it’s no surprise, as CapX 2020 is TRANSLink deja vu all over again. Doug Johnson was on that as well, and I wonder if he’s on the bandwagon

Lobbyist Data for Doug Johnson

His CFBoard link says he’s still with Excelsior on the Mesaba Project (boo-hiss) though he’s no longer on SEH.

To get an idea about what TRANSLink’s about, here’s a TRANSLink power point from a National Wind Coordinating Committee in October, 2003:

TRANSLink – NWCC October 2003

TRANSLink suspended operations in November, 2003, here’s their press release from a NPPD page. The bad news in that is that Audrey Ziebelman is now at PJM, helping them take over the transmission world out east. East, i.e., home of the Mid-Atlantic National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor.

Once more with feeling… to look at the TRANSLink docket, go to and then to “eDockets” and then “Search Documents” for docket 02-2152.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace