This site is about transmission and a few other energy dockets looming in Minnesota, so far covering three big transmission buildouts… and now a fourth. This one is “Grid North Partners.” … sigh…and “MISO Tranche 1” transmission projects starting up, as MISO works on Tranche 2. It won’t be ending soon, so I’m tweaking and updating this site.

This “NoCapX 2020” and now also “No Grid North Partners” page covers transmission and other energy related issues. It’s been put together by Carol A. Overland, Attorney at Law. ( There’s also information at — search for whatever specific project you’re interested in, and “transmission” and “CapX” and “MISO MVP” and “MISO Tranche 1,” etc. The resources and documents from other sites will be added here over time, but if you don’t see it here, check! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please let me know what you’re looking for.

I’m an attorney licensed in the state of Minnesota (#254617) and have worked pro hac vice and in administrative proceedings in other states. Over the last 28 years, I’ve represented clients and consulted on so damn many transmission lines and other energy projects… it’s unending. Once we (the usual suspects, transmission opponents and intervenors) figure out possible ways to slow or stop transmission, they change the rules or prevent us from intervening. Right now, 2024, Minnesota’s PUC is working on “streamlining,” but really, it’s steamrolling. It’s hard to have an impact without a seat at the table, which requires opening the door. If it’s slammed shut, that means getting creative about how to weigh in.

Most of my work has ranged from transmission large and small to coal gasification, CO2 pipeline and storage; nuclear power and nuclear waste, garbage incineration, frac sand mining, coal ash mining, natural gas pipeline routing and buyouts, wind siting and wind noise buyouts, energy leases and ordinances, solar siting, land use issues, state and federal rulemaking dockets and a few gas and transmission easements; representing individuals and families, associations, and local governments. These projects have been proposed all over Minnesota and much of Wisconsin, though I’ve also represented Stop the Lines on New Jersey’s Susquehanna-Roseland line, a huge and long endeavor, and consulted on projects in Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Iowa, and everywhere from local jurisdictions to state Public Utility or Service Commissions and state agencies, and the Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the Midwest and D.C.. It’s clear I’ll be on these projects for the rest of my life!

If you’re wanting to join in the fun (!) on a project near you, do give me a holler. email is always the best: overland [at]

Carol A. Overland


Overland Law Office

1110 West Avenue

Red Wing, MN 55066

overland [at]


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