CapX Hearings have begun

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And what a start!  I just haven’t had the time to post, between these hearings, the long commute, a doggie in early renal failure and a car in end-stage alternator failure, AAAAAAARGH.

Here’s a quick heads up on an important document — it’s not in the record yet, but it will be soon, with any luck.  This document explains why they want CapX: ECONOMIC BENEFITS!  Here’s how they can make a lot of money on transmission, enough that this plan for over $3 billion in transmission, seems to be moving forward:

MISO Benefits Analysis – February 28, 2007

Read this for starters and I’ll get more posted soon.

And remember, Exhibit 13, this is what it’s all about:

The blue dotted lines from the “Dakota coal fields” (their words) through Minnesota into mid-Wisconsin.

July 3 is deadline for Intervention

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Tonight was the last public hearing and the deadline for intervention is tomorrow, July 3, oh, it’s late, and now it’s today, oh well…


Here’s the NoCapX 2020 Intervention Petition for reference:

Petition for Intervention – NoCapX 2020

How to intervene?

1) Write up a petition, as in the link above, and detail your reasons for intervening, the issues you would want to address, and how your interest is different, what about your perspective is distinct.

(do #3 next, then #2 because it can take a while for a registration to be completed in the system)

2) Send your petition to the judge and the entire service list via email and let them know it will also be filed electronically — see the last page of this document:

Letter and Service List

3) Go to PUC site and sign up for eFiling to file it electronically:

Register for eFiling here

After you’ve registered, file it — it’s self-explanatory and works simply.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace