Hampton-LaX line – data requests sent today

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Here are data requests sent out today:

NoCapX 2020 Data Requests to American Transmission Company – Series 01

NoCapX 2020 Data Requests to Dairyland Cooperative Power – Series 01

And sent last week:

NoCapX 2020 Data Requests to Xcel Energy – Series 01

And from these, there are a few choice documents to check out.

ATC’s Western Wisconsin Transmission Reliability Study – September 20, 2010

On page 20, after deleting all but a four line paragraph claiming “Contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information,” this one actually says:

These results indicate potential voltage collapse conditions under the three single event Category C contingencies in the base case without a transmission option included.

EH?  They’re saying that after they added this big laundry list of the projects proposed and pending, and before they even tested any of the options they had line up, POTENTIAL VOLTAGE COLLAPSE.  So what does that say about the need or wisdom of adding their big laundry list of projects?


So do any on this list look familiar?  And they’re applying for these lines knowing that adding them to the grid means “potential voltage collapse?”  Oh, great idea, just great…

A favorite released just as the Certificate of Need case was ending, AFTER the record had closed, of course:

Capacity Validation Study – Minnesota Transmission Owners – 2009