NSP/Xcel v. ATC Catfight!!! …continued…

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The underlying but unspoken motivation is clear: MVP projects, in particular, are desirable to transmission owners because they have the benefit of providing significant investment opportunity for the transmission owner’s shareholders while allocating the costs over the entire ratepaying MISO region, thus reducing the rate impact of that investment on the customers of the transmission owner claiming an interest in such project.

ATC’s Answer, p. 2. (kinda lays it all out there, doesn’t it!)


But wait, there’s more!

“So we know what’s really going on here… take that!” says ATC, in its Answer to Xcel’s Complaint claiming that 50% of the Badger-Coulee a/k/a North LaCrosse-North Madison transmission line is Xcel Energy’s.  ATC says, “it’s OURS” and “if you FERC decide that Xcel gets half, we want half of their Brookings-Hampton line and every other project based on these studies!”  Xcel Energy says, “ATC, that’s damn cheeky!  You’ve got your head implanted!”

To look at the whole docket and all the lovely filings go to and search for docket EL12-28:


I love it when this happens!  Especially when it goes back to the WRAO and WIRES reports!  Those I know by heart.

Complaint – Xcel Energy Services and Northern States Power Wisconsin v. American Transmission Company (again)

ATC’s Answer to Xcel’s Complaint 3-5-12

Xcel Motion & Answer to ATC 3-20-12


Now let’s see if I understand this…

  • “the Applicants” refuse to disclose who the owners of the CapX 2020 projects will be, such that the MN PUC orders that they disclose ownership, which they have not yet done.
  • Disclosing interest in the Badger-Coulee/North LaCrosse-North Madison line would belie the necessary connection to Madison that’s the 800 lb. gorilla that no one will acknowledge.
  • ATC claims that the Arrowhead-Weston line was proposed by ATC? HELLO?  I was there in the WI A-W hearing and ATC did not yet exist.
  • It all goes back to WIREs, and WRAO, the study done by the greatest collection of engineers in the history of the universe who showed us how it’s all connected.

Read up on WRAO and WIREs here:

WRAO and WIREs Reports HERE

Deja vu all over again, folks, it’s all connected!

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace