Mayo dives in against Badger Coulee route

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Well this is getting interesting.  Mayo Clinic has weighed in, opposing the Badger Coulee transmission project because it wants to build more revenue generating options in Onalaska!  Cheaper power, they claim… how many rate increases, how often, for Minnesota and Wisconsin ratepayers?

Mayo — if you’d just direct your resources to challenging need for this project, it’s vulnerable, and you could make a difference!  Put your money where your clinics are and just say no!


Today in the Post Bulletin:

Mayo opposes Wisconsin power line

Posted: Thursday, October 9, 2014 11:01 am

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare objects to one of the routes for the Badger-Coulee power transmission line because it could stymie development on its new 187-acre property in Onalaska or its 8-year-old clinic a few miles away.

Although the La Crosse-based system has not determined its plans for the parcel it bought in February, chief administrative officer Joe Kruse said Monday that he and CEO Tim Johnson have filed an objection with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission to the southern route of two proposed pathways.

They sent the letter last week as part of the public comment period on the proposed routes. Friday was the deadline to be included in the project’s environmental impact statement.

Video from GRE

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CapX 2020 construction is marching on.  The other day I went down to Rochester and saw the structures coming out of the “North Rochester” substation heading east.

Here’s the CapX 2020 page on youtube!

In the inbox today, this well produced video from GRE, if only the subject matter wasn’t so depressing — it’s construction of the CapX 2020 Brookings-Hampton 345 kV transmission line, now almost complete:


image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace