Do we really need to do this AGAIN?!?!?!

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CapX 2020 is now “Grid North Partners.” Do we really need to go through this AGAIN? Contact them at to be added to their mailing list.


2020 CapX2050 Vision Report:  CapX2050_TransmissionVisionReport_FINAL.pdf

How much more transmission can you possibly need? Oh, right, it’s not based on “need” anymore, and you’ve got your new “business plan” and make a lot more on capital expenditure ROI than selling electricity.

Need? Demand is down, down, down, not back to 2006 levels.

And those billions in CapX 2020 expenditures sure worked for you, rates are up, up, up!

May I live as long as Myer Shark and continue to be a pain in your corporate patoot! Have portable office, will travel… and I do so miss being on the road. Here we go!

This is just so nauseating though… as if there isn’t enough to do…