Booted out of FERC

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We got the FERC Order earlier this a.m. dismissing our Complaint, it took them 22 pages to do it:

FERC Order Dismission CETF Complaint

Sigh… they recommend we participate in the MISO MTEP process:

We encourage Complainants to work with MISO and other stakeholders in developing transmission plans for the MISO region in the future as part of MISO’s Order Nos. 890- and 1000-compliant transmission planning process.

… stating that:

MISO posts on its website, and notifies interested registered parties through an email exploder list, all stakeholder meetings. MISO’s MTEP is developed with stakeholder involvement through various stakeholder forums, including the Planning Advisory Committee, the Planning Subcommittee and Sub-Regional Planning meetings held in various locations throughout MISO’s regional footprint. Stakeholders have the ability to participate in person or through MISO’s webcasts and teleconferencing of such meetings.

Well, let’s see, that presumes that MISO’s transmission planning process is compliant.  Here’s their organizational chart:

You can sign up for a profile here and register for meeting notifications, etc., which I’ve done, and have also sent an email to Jeff Webb, the PAC Liason.  CLICK HERE TO MAKE PROFILE

CAVEAT: We can only participate as a non-member, non-voting, and this footnote to the “environmental/other stakeholder member groups” members:

The entities comprising these stakeholder groups are not members of MISO; rather, they are representatives of public consumer groups and other stakeholder groups serving on the Advisory Committee, which have been chosen by recognized consumer,environmental and other stakeholder organizations having an interest in the activities of MISO.

These groups are:

1.  Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana
2.  Clean Wisconsin
3.  Environmental Law & Policy Center
4.  Fresh Energy
5.  Great Plains Institute
6.  Izaak Walton League of America
7.  Project for Sustainable FERC Energy Policy
8.  Wind on the Wires

Here’s the membership of their Planning Advisory Committee.

What affects us most in this area is the “Northern Area Study” and here’s the June 2013 Northern Area Study.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace