Sept. 8 – Mark your calendars!

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TUESDAY, September 8, 2009
12:00 PM
Legislative Energy Commission
Room: 123 Capitol
Chairs: Sen. Yvonne Prettner Solon, Rep. Bill Hilty
Agenda: Transmission

12:00 p.m. — is it a potluck?

These meetings are often a big yawn, toadies on parade yammering our precious lives away, but this one we cannot let slip by.  It’s an opportunity to tell them what’s going on in transmission.  Not that they’d let anyone like us on the agenda, but we can show up in force, do a lot of prep work with the members, and have handouts aplenty at the meeting.

From what I’ve heard, they’re going to hear from “the PUC” and “Office of Energy Security,” and also from MISO about “Cost Allocation.”  And PUC will address UMTDI (Upper Midwest Transmission Development Initiative).  Hmmmmmmm… it’s the PUC’s job to promote transmission?

Simple run-down of Cost Allocation a la MISO & FERC

CLICK HERE, if you’re a serious masochist, for MISO’s cost allocation results in a search.

There will also be a section about “siting issues” including input from “landowners” (?) and “CapX utilities” for an update on how it’s been going.  More hmmmmmmmm…

Updates will be forthcoming…

In the meantime, UMTDI has some things to comment on (again, note that this is an “entity” PROMOTING transmission, its purpose is “TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT):

UMTDI – Cover Letter – August 6, 2009

UMTDI – Survey on Cost Allocation

UMTDI – Legal Report

Check out the Survey and do your best to make some Comments, due by close of business AUGUST 28, 2009.  Directions are on the “Survey” link.   PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO GO OVER THIS AND SUBMIT SOME SUBSTANTIVE COMMENTS.

Note they want to “ensure that all pertinent stakeholder groups are represented in the responses received.”  Sounds pretty offensive to me… speaking as someone deemed an “impediment to transmission” and impertinent…

And what does it mean that Randy Pilo, WI-PSC, sent out this cost allocation survey the same date as FERC’s trashing in the 7th District Appellate Court?

Illinois Commerce Commission v. FERC – August 6 2009

A decision worth a read…

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