Prehearing Conference Tuesday on Brookings line

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Tuesday, September 1, at 3 p.m. Central, we’re having a Prehearing Conference, thankfully by phone, on the Brookings line.  The agenda is primarily “where are the hearings and when” within the constraints of the already issued Prehearing Order, which sets the hearings for a three week “road show” from November 23-December 14 (how convenient) with additional days in St. Paul on December 17 & 18th.

Here’s the Prehearing Order:

Prehearing Order – includes Proposed Schedule

Applicants Proposed Hearing Locations

NoCapX 2020 & U-CAN proposed schedule

Please let me know what you think of the scheduling for this before the 1st!!!  The Prehearing Order schedules them for Nov. 23 – December 14th, and the  idea is to have hearings, both evidentiary and public, where the transmission line would be.  Xcel’s cuts out that first week (note that hearings like this are ALWAYS scheduled around holidays).  I’ve used Monday and Tuesday that week for Marshall, and then the rest of the week off, and added locations that Xcel… er… Applicants, did not include.  Because LeSueur is so hot about this, it deserves the same time as Marshall and New Prague, and New Prague had more people at the public hearings than any other place, so maybe it should be three days.  And it seems to me that Lakeville doesn’t go far enough east, and there’s not a good place for hearings in Hampton, well, maybe the church?  But I put Farmington in there.  Let me know please before the conference call on Tuesday.

The Scoping Decision for the Environmental Impact Statement has been out for a while, but do take some time to review what they’ll include or exclude — there will be public hearings on this October 26 through November 2:

Commerce EIS Scoping Decision

I’m not looking forward to this road show, but it’s important… necessary… here we go!

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