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Greetings from the Best Western in Marshall, Minnesota.

Here’s the notes so far — it’s sloppy, very rough, but here goes:

December 1 Hearing Notes

My cross of Pam Rasmussen is not there, but I’ve got some notes and will add later, but essentially, she didn’t know anything, couldn’t testify in any detail, an “I know nothink” kind of exercise.  The one to answer questions about EMF is Kevin Lennon, so we’ll have to get into that in St. Paul.

There were a lot of people here earlier who were awfully pissed about notice — they didn’t get notice until around September 15, 2009, which is 9 months after the application, and it’s two and a half months AFTER these route options were revealed in the Scoping Document for the Environmental Impact Statement.  Here’s the list of all those who were supposedly sent that late notice, but worse, many testified this afternoon that they never got that notice!  Here’s the list:

September 15, 2009 Notice to Landowners from MOES

More on this notice problem as it develops too!!!

And just so everyone knows, here it is again, Minnesota does have the option available to landowners to FORCE the utility to buy them out.

Buy the Farm – Minn. Stat. 216E.12

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