DOT RoW bill introduced

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Below – Town meetings scheduled for Senate District 25, in the middle of the CapX 2020 Brookings line.

And now…

Folks, meet SF 2589, authored by Sen. Yvonne Prettner-Solon, chair of Senate Energy:

SF 25890

S.F. No. 2589,  as introduced – 86th Legislative Session (2009-2010)   Posted on Feb 11, 2010

1.1    A bill for an act
1.2    relating to utilities; regulating the granting of route permits for high-voltage
1.3    transmission lines; amending Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 216E.03, by
1.4    adding a subdivision.

1.6    Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 216E.03, is amended by adding a
1.7    subdivision to read:
1.8    Subd. 7a. Preferred routes for high-voltage transmission lines. The commission
1.9    shall, to the extent consistent with the policies of subdivision 7, give preference, in the
1.10    following priority, to routes that utilize to the greatest extent:
1.11        (1) existing utility corridors; and
1.12        (2) highway or railway right-of-way.

1.15    (a) The Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Transportation must
1.16    cooperate in developing and implementing processes and policies to efficiently implement
1.17    the policy in new Minnesota Statutes, section 216E.03, subdivision 7a, that assigns a
1.18    preference for routing high-voltage transmission lines in highway rights-of-way. The
1.19    policies and procedures must include:
1.20        (1) involvement of the Department of Transportation in the transmission planning
1.21    and route permitting process; and
1.22        (2) the issuance of permits by the Department of Transportation to use the
1.23    right-of-way contemporaneously with or prior to the issuance of route permits.
2.1    (b) The commission must report any statutory amendments required by the policies
2.2    and procedures to the energy policy committees of the legislature by January 15, 2011.

2.3    Sec. 3. EFFECTIVE DATE.
2.4    Sections 1 and 2 are effective the day following final enactment.

In addition to Prettner Solon, co-authors are Sen. Dahle and Sen. Koch.

Senator Kevin Dahle will be holding town hall meetings this Saturday Feb. 20 at the following times and locations:

LeSueur Town Hall meeting
10am, Saturday 2/20 at the  LeSueur Public Library

Belle Plaine Town Hall meeting
Noon, Saturday 2/20 at the Public Library

Arlilngton Town Hall meeting
3:30, Saturday 2/20 at the  Arlington City Hall chambers

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