Advisory Task Forces for Hampton – Rochester – Alma route

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Now’s the time!  Moments ago, the Public Utilities Commission ordered that MOES report back to them with a plan for Citizen Advisory Task Forces on the Hampton-Rochester-Alma route.  YES!

This is good because recently, they’ve been letting Commerce’s MOES do the whole thing, at their discretion, and they have been screwing up — not appointing Task Forces, unreasonable limiting scope of task force work, not taking important information into account until it’s so late that it’s a struggle to inform the routing process.  Many of you on this list have experience this and more, with utter frustration.


If you’re along the proposed CapX 202o Hampton-Rochester-Alma route:

1) Contact the Minnesota Office of Energy Security’s Energy Facility Planning project manager and send in a request for a Citizens Advisory Task Force.

2) Contact your township, city and county officials and ask them to do the same. (copy PUC with your request so they know)

Request a Task Force for your area and another one for the proposed river crossing.

This is your task for today!!!  Thanks!!!

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  1. Hi Carol:
    Thanks for all your work. Is there any place for petitions from neighbors along the proposed or altenative routes voicing their concerns in the Pine Island area?

    Comment by Therese Zink — March 6, 2010 @ 4:49 pm

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