NAWO Petition for Extension for Direct Testimony

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Here’s the other issue popping up — NAWO and ILSR want more time for filing of Direct Testimony, it’s due April 30, according to the Prehearing Order from January.  But things happen, and now we’ve got MOES inviting MISO to Intervene and they have, and we’ve all got a lot of Discovery questions for them and it takes time to get that to them and to get a response, even if timely, back from MISO.  Another issue is that it’s taking the applicants a while to come up with the Responses to all of the Information Requests.  It’s detailed, and excruciatingly mind-numbing or deliriously fun (depending on your perspective).  Which means that things need more time.  Given the huge project, I’m not convinced that there’s any way to handle this in anywhere’s near the timeframe that Xcel/GRE expects.  So, bring on the delays:

NAWO/ILSR Petition for Extension of Time

And I think that sounds like a good idea, perfectly reasonable, so it’s time to join the party…

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