“Lessons learned from CapX 2020”

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And what are you doing October 11-12?  How about going to an EUCI-PowerMarketers shindig in Chicago to give the industry a clue about siting transmission and what Capx 2020 is really about?

Transmission Expansion for Renewable Energy in the Midwest: October 11-12

Now whereever would they get the idea that CapX 2020 is “for Renewable Energy?”

Here’s direct info taken from their blurb that the sponsors just sent around:

  • Discuss key determinants shaping the grid build-out in the Midwest
  • Evaluate the findings of the MISO Regional Generation Outlet Study
  • Examine the planning and prioritization process for transmission expansion in SPP
  • Review Phase One of the SMART Study and how it’s sponsors will use the results to shape their transmission expansion plans in the Midwest
  • Describe lessons learned through the planning and siting process for CAPX2020
  • Discuss how state regulators balance planning and priorities for the transmission build-out in the Midwest
  • Identify how MISO is using visualization to improve renewable energy integration
  • Analyze the opportunities and challenges of a 765kV transmission superhighway meant to enable more renewable generation for more markets
  • Review HVDC technology as an alternative for transmission of renewable energy

A booth costs a fortune, so

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