Notice of FINAL Order for Brookings – except “CH” segment

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Final Order, and Brown County’s “wake-up” missive:

It’s out – AND IT WAS ISSUED OVER A WEEK AGO, Sept. 14!  It’s the Notice of Final Order and, of course, the FINAL ORDER.  This is the “Final Order the route permit, for the Brookings transmission line, five of the six route segments, or everything except the “CH” segment, or “segment 4” that was remanded to Office of Administrative Hearings because it’s such a mess.

Since this Notice is so clearly labeled “Notice of Final Order” that means we have to pay attention — that the clock is ticking for filing a Motion for Reconsideration.  And then the clock is ticking for an appeal.


Final Order – Brookings – 5 of 6 route segments

And as I heard and posted a couple weeks ago now, Brown County Commissioners have been hearing from their constituents affected by CapX, but hello!  It’s all but over!  Any affected parties can dig in and appeal, but odds of anything meaningful happening at this late date are not good.   Anyway, here’s what Brown County had to say:

Brown County Letter – Sept. 7, 2010

They’re saying that they support anyone asking for a rehearing.   That and $0.50…

Were I them, I’d get every affected party they can find to file a Motion for Reconsideration NOW!

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