Hampton-LaCrosse Interventions!

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I quick googled “intervene” to see what’s there and up came this great quote, on a site explaining nuances of English, here explaining the distinctions between “intervene” and “interfere” to non-English speakers (and something we all can benefit from):

‘Intervene’ has got more positive connotations; it has the connotation of wanting to improve a situation, change things for the better.

Yeah, I like that…

The Intervention deadline for the CapX 2020 Hampton-LaCrosse transmission was today, at 4:30.  A couple newbies have joined in,  the more the merrier, the better the record, the more intense the discussion:

Oronoco Township Petition for Intervention

North Route Group Petition for Intervention

Both borrowed liberally from my NoCapX 2020 and United Citizens Action Network Petition, GOOD, that’s what it’s there for, please use it!!!  Will there be more in the mail???  They’re supposed to serve all parties, and we’re a formal party.  We shall see…

Typically, the PUC posts things that come in that aren’t eFiled, and there’s no requirement that Petitions be eFiled, and they may not know to serve all parties, I checked with PUC, should know tomorrow, there may be more.  We shall see… manana I presume.

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