Xcel slaps up Oronoco Township!

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It doesn’t get much better than this — Xcel Energy filed a letter and let Oronoco Township have it about the “Reply” Brief that it submitted.  THIS LETTER IS A MUST READ!

Xcel Letter re: Oronoco Township “Reply” Brief

What’s to complain about?  Well, read the “Reply” Brief – it’s hard to believe that Rod Krass wrote it, I’ve seen his work on the pipeline appeal, very well done, and this isn’t — I’d guess it was someone else:

Oronoco Township “Reply” Brief

Xcel Energy reinforced what we’d said about their Initial Brief, that they make wild-ass bizarre statements with no citations, that they’re misusing info in the record, and it sure looks like they’re making up stuff.  They really had it coming, the “Reply” was SO out there, “outside” as Ed Berger would say.  A Motion to Strike would be about right, it’s that bad!

My question is whether a “me-too” letter would be helpful or whether Xcel said all that needs to be said.  No rush…

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  1. Xcel Energy and its partners, who are mostly for profit corporations, taking private land for a “public” use. Yada yada yada. So much bull. People along the route don’t suffer for the public good, they suffer so that Xcel can make even more profit. The government backs them because this will create jobs. Meanwhile the roads suffer from lack of updating and another person died yesterday at the intersection of Goodhue County 9 and Highway 52. Why this unbalanced appoach to updating infrastructure? We don’t need CapX2020 nearly as bad as we need overpasses at every intersection of Highway 52 in Goodhue County. Fixing the roads is likey to create even more jobs, so what gives in the state of Minnesota? Why does our government here work billionaires and huge corporations and screw the the people.

    Comment by Rick Conrad — October 18, 2011 @ 5:43 pm

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