Dairyland doth protest too much

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Remember that Patricia Conway, intervenor in the Wisconsin CapX 2020 Hampton-Rochester-LaCrosse docket, who intervened specifically because she wanted to raise as an issue that Dairyland Power Cooperative does not have authority under its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to enter into this agreement as a CapX 2020 participant?  Dairyland has objected, and objected, and now formally objected!  Why would they be so oppositional if there wasn’t a problem?

Pat Conway – Intervention

Conway – Formal Request for Issue to be Included

As usual, NoCapX 2020 was the only “friendly” intervenor to respond to her request:

NoCapX 2020 Response to Issue Raised by Conway

And then there are the naysayers, Dairyland, of course, but also the PSC Staff, and just whose interests are they supposed to be representing, anyway?

Dairyland’s Response to Conway Request

PSC Staff Response to Request for Inclusion

Well, the Order came out, the ALJ essentially ordering what NoCapX 2020 had argued:

Order – Motion to Amend Prehearing Conference Memo

The silence among the other intervenors is disturbing — something this obvious and not a peep.  And the plot thickens, as Dairyland Power Cooperative files a Motion:

Dairyland’s Motion for Interlocutory Review

Dairyland doth protest and objecteth too much!

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