Routing possibilities revealed for CapX transmission

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Blogging has been a lot less fun without Steve Sviggum as Speaker, but wait… he may be back in the news!  CapX 2020 route proposals are roaring through Kenyon and could be going over his land!  No… drat… it misses him by about half a mile to the east and the same to the south…  But remember, we have him to thank for the 2005 Transmission Omnibus Bill from Hell (Ch. 97) that changed transmission criteria, gave them rate recovery for “Construction in Progress” and authorized “transmission only” companies, a la Xcel’s failed TRANSLink.

THE PROPOSED CAPX 2020 ROUTES HAVE BEEN REVEALED, and they’ve started dog & pony shows around the state.  They say on some of the maps, “Please do not reproduce or repost these maps without permission from the CapX 2020 utilities.”  Uh-huh… right… so sue me and call me a terrorist…

See for yourself, here are the maps, it’s confusing because it’s a web, not a line proposal.  But the short story?  Now is the time to squawk like hell.  It’s too late to be part of the Certificate of Need proceeding, though when the Commission takes it up you can comment then.  And remember, you can Intervene in the siting process, yet to unfold…

Brookings line

Numbered backwards, low numbers are east, high are west, and #10 is that little leg that connects Big Stone II transmission with CapX transmission:

Brookings Map 1

Brookings Map 2

If you’re in District 25, contact & to let them know what you think about Maps 2 & 3

Brookings Map 3

Brookings Map 4

Brookings Map 5

Brookings Map 6

Brookings Map 7

Brookings Map 8

Brookings Map 9

Brookings Map 10 – BSII connector xmsn

LaCrosse line

These are numbered NW to SE…

LaX Map 1

LaX Map 2 – Kenyon area

LaX Map 3

LaX Map 4

LaX Map 5

LaX Map 6

LaX Map 7

LaX Map 8

LaX Map 9

Fargo Line

… I’m downloading…

They’re downloaded, now to post… LOTS of maps…


  1. Where is Hwy 19 going into Northfield on these maps? I assume the judge ruled for the certificate of need, resulting in CAPX revealing the routes.

    Comment by Stephanie Henriksen — December 16, 2008 @ 3:05 pm

  2. No, no ALJ ruling yet, Stephanie…

    Comment by Mike Bull — December 16, 2008 @ 7:13 pm

  3. Are the wide green lines the possible routes? They seem to follow the main roads, like Northfield Boulevard by Waterford. But they are in a “web” pattern? What are the red squares?

    Comment by Stephanie Henriksen — December 16, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

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