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So they were going to ask for delay, for more time to address the Motions for Reconsideration:

Original August 9 PUC Meeting Agenda

Where the issue was:  Should the Commission toll the time period for reconsideration of its May 30,2012 Order?

And now, probably because there is no referral to OAH, that it’s been addressed, here we go:

Corrected Notice of August 9 PUC Meeting

And now, here’s what’s at issue:

**1 E002/TL-09-1448 Northern States Power d/b/a Xcel Energy In the Matter of the Route Permit Application for the CapX 2020 Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse 345 kV Transmission Line.
Should the Commission reconsider its May 30,2012 Order Issuing Route Permit as Amended? (PUC: Kaluzniak)

The Commission has the authority to accept or decline a petition for reconsideration with or without a hearing or oral argument. (Minnesota Rules 7829.3000, Subpart 6) In other words, a decision on a petition for reconsideration can be made without taking oral comments at the Commission meeting.

If you have questions about this particular docket, please contact Michael Kaluzniak at 651-201-2257.

Here we go!!!

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