Joel Johnson gets a substation?

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Hmmmmmm… CapX routing application for the “Brookings” line is in, and I’m downloading the maps (takes forever).  A hunch has been confirmed… remember Joel Johnson, who in 2002 ran for House District 25B but David Bly, now Rep. David Bly, got the nomination, and then Johnson was Bly’s Treasurer?   Joel Johnson who was House DFL Caucus Dir. of Communications?  Joel Johnson who I saw lurking with a few others near the skyway between the PUC and Commerce and who is now working with Carolyn Sampson, lobbying for Minnesota Rural Electric Association?  Ask Joel about the first house on the left (east) just north of “HM30” at the bend in the route (and intersection with the Wilmarth line), the owner of that house and the land surrounding it!

FYI, here’s what MREA’s newsletter has to say about Ken Tschumper’s Comment submitted for the CapX record — wonder who wrote this gem:

Limited Legislative Experience Equals Electrical Engineering Degree

Freshman State House Representative Ken Tschumper recently took aim at the CapX 2020 project observing that ―throughout the CapX process, we have discovered that the power lines are not needed, the utilities have failed to let the public know the impact on ratepayers and they are locking us into coal-fired generation. The proposed lines are simply a way of getting coal fired generation to feed Milwaukee and Chicago.

The LaCrescent DFL member harping that the CapX transmission effort, which largely will deliver wind generation, was not adequately chatted-up is notable. To date CapX 2020 has held 13 joint meetings with the Minnesota Department of Commerce in nine locations and hosted more than 100 open houses for the public to learn more about the project. The PUC also held 13 public hearings where landowners could submit verbal or written comments directly to the Administrative Law Judge overseeing the case. Additionally, CapX 2020 representatives have briefed county commissioners in each county the project could impact, briefed reporters at every newspaper within the project corridor (more than 90 papers) and sent at least five newsletters (many of which included information on public meetings and open houses) to every landowner within project corridors along with more than 210,000 letters sent to potentially affected landowners.

Tschumper‘s revision is similar to believing Bobbie Gentry‘s 1967 Ode to Billie Jo that, instead of jumping, Billy Jo Macalister‘s otherwise sure footing eluded her on the Tallahatchie Bridge when she took a header.

And will someone explain to me why Greg Davids is listed as the Rep. for 31B on the legislative site?   EEEEEEEEEEUW, I thought we had seen the last of him, but now Rep. Ken Tschumper is nowhere to be found… I cannot believe, do not want to believe, that Davids won the election.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!


  1. Yes Greg’s back. He won 51% to 49% — 9873 votes to 9466 votes.

    Comment by Mike Bull — January 1, 2009 @ 11:30 am

  2. I had to look it up yesterday, because I realized that I’d missed a lot being away during the election. Given history, I hate to think what kind of a campaign that was. AND now I’m also worried that my absentee ballot was rejected for some lame reason or another…

    Comment by admin — January 1, 2009 @ 11:55 am

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