CUB’s Charlie Higley goes to ATC — 3 Comments

  1. Carol:

    You are correct in that my new job with ATC does not involve policy.

    My new position is “system control operator-in-training,” and I will learn how to monitor and operate the transmission system, helping to keep the lights on.

    I won’t have any involvement with transmission planning, regulatory approvals, public relations, lobbying, or other “policy” related responsibilities.

    Though I do have friends at ATC (and at all the other Wisconsin utilities), I had never met the people that interviewed and hired me, as they work in operations, far from the policy world I was immersed in at CUB.

    Yes, I do remember meeting you all those years ago, at David Blecker’s house. You have a great memory: I had a ’67 Galaxie 500 at the time. I do have a 1993 BMW 325is that I bought from my bother-in-law in 2001; it has over 330,000 miles!

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