Husband of Alliant CEO files Intervention Request

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Anthony J. Kampling has filed a request to Intervene in the Badger Coulee docket.  Anthony Kampling is the husband of Patricia Kampling, CEO of Alliant Energy.  As we say in transmission, “It’s all connected.”  So connected that we now see that ATC’s Badger Coulee project in Wisconsin (which is 1/2 of MVP5) has a “Route B” that goes right over the land of Alliant Energy CEO Kampling’s home.  Alliant Energy is related to ITC Midwest via transfer of transmission assets to ITC Midwest in 2007… Alliant Energy is the umbrella over WPL and IPL, which in 2007 sold its transmission assets to ATC, and also to the new ITC Midwest, including the transmission in southern Minnesota serving the Bent Tree wind project, owned by Alliant’s Wisconsin Power and Light (WPL).  There have been issues…  There may be issues in their future… ITC Midwest, now owner of Alliant’s transmission, is with ATC the promoter of the other 1/2 of MVP5, not Badger Coulee, but the southern part of the “V” called “Dubuque to Spring Green to Cardinal,” MISO project 3127, and ITCM is the applicant for 1/2 of MVP3, the MN/IA MVP3 transmission project, the other half to be owned by MidAmerican.   What a hoot!  It’s indeed all connected.


The Kampling’s property at 4827 Enchanted Valley, Middleton, WI, will be affected by the Badger Coulee transmission line.  With a 2012 tax assessment on this 40+ acre parcel set at $1,088,700, the devaluation would be significant should this transmission line go through their land.


About Patricia Kampling, from Alliant’s website:

Executive Officers

Patricia Leonard Kampling
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

And an interesting interview when she became the CEO in the Wisconsin State Journal, Executive Q&A: Blackouts lit way to energy career for Alliant’s Kampling, in which she acknowledges the new normal of demand:

Q: Do you anticipate any kind of growth for the company? Alliant recently bought a gas-fired power plant in Neenah and plans to buy another in Beloit; the company also is building a wind farm in Iowa. Is any other construction in the works?

A: I don’t know; customers are not using more electricity. We’re predicting flat sales for years to come. There’s been a slight increase in commercial use — a fraction of 1 percent — but that’s been offset by a decline in residential electricity use. People are becoming more energy-wise.

I guess she didn’t get the memo not to bring work home with her.  It will be interesting to watch them navigate the Wisconsin Public Service Commission process from the outside, as an affected party.  It will no doubt be a learning experience for them, and I hope their experience will have an impact on PSC process and increasing the ability of landowners to participate.

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