Need for CapX 2020?

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Do we need CapX 2020? Does Xcel and GRE et al need CapX 2020? What exactly is the need?

When they made the first presentation on it at NM-SPG, I asked them if they’d compared the MISO queue with their transmisison plan, and no, they hadn’t. Well, I sure have, and it doesn’t add up, the proposal isn’t tied to what new generation is expected to be added, except for the coal in the Dakotas… anyone can see that.

The plan:


The MISO queue back when this CapX2020 Technical Report was prepared:

capx-miso-queue-new-generation-p7jpg.jpgThere was 16,712MW of new generation in the MISO queue, and 6,300 of claimed “need” in the REGION. If they don’t build 10,000MW of what’s in the queue, we’ve still got enough to handle their overstated “need.”

Take a look at this spreadsheet of the MISO queue as of December 4, 2007.

MISO queue 12-4-07 in Excel

I’ve separated out a few states, and play around with sort, look at how many MW of coal is in the queue for SD, ND and MN, IA too, and… why… LOOK!!! There’s over 10,000MW of wind in the Illinois queue. Now where do the wind folks who want to build all this wind in ND and SD think they’re going to sell it? And why should we pay for the transmission lines (that’s without even getting into line loss of a generation source with a 41% capacity factor over hundreds of miles of transmission)?

Need? Yeah, right … prove it!!!!

And while you’re at it, check out this South Dakota report, it’s been on my Legalectric site for a awhile now, it’s by a defected Excelsior VP of something or other, Schulte, and it says, essentially, “Hey, we want to build all this coal and transmission, but we don’t have a market… now what??? Somebody find a market fast!”

SDEIA Energy Study

Is anyone paying attention? And note it says wind/gas is the cheapest option?!?!? Delaware’s PSC is on the right track in ordering wind/gas, that’s clear. When will everyone else catch up?

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