Inching towards appeal of CapX 2020 CoN Order

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Somehow the time flew and next thing I knew, AAAAAGH, Requests, Petitions and Motions for Reconsideration were flying into the Inbox.  After a frantic cut and paste, mine went out too… that’s one deadline not to miss!

Here’s the Order in question:

Order Granting CoN with Conditions

And here are all the Reconsideration pleadings, leading off with Applicants’ — even they’re not happy:

Applicants Request for Reconsideration

MOES – Reconsideration

CETF Petition for Reconsideration

CETF Attachment A

CETF Attachment B

NoCapX & U-CAN Motion for Reconsideration

Ex A – Surprise drop in power use

Ex B – Xcel 2008 Summary

Ex C – Otter Tail Corp SEC 10-K

Ex D – EIA Electric Power Monthly Chap 5

Ex E – 2008 NERC Reliability Assessment

Ex F – Press Release Sandok 4-3-09

Ex G – MTO Study Reports 3-31-09

Ex H – NYISO & ISO-NE 2-4-09

Ex I – JCSP 08 Executive Summary 2-8-09

Ex J – NY Testimony – US Senate Energy

As these were coming in, I was reminded of a comment made to my “Request for Recusal” a while ago where I’d wanted Commissioner Reha recused for activity regarding a docket at issue, and someone… Pugh?  O’Brien?, Koppendrayer?  said that this was a “Request” and “we don’ t have a Motion before us so we don’t have to take any action” so I’m calling everything a Motion now…  I wonder if they’ll toss out the CapX 2020 Request for the same reason… SNORT!  Not likely…

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