And last night in Galesville…

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This scene was just outside the door of the Galesville/Centerville Community Center where RUS held the CapX 2020 scoping open house yesterday.  It really was that beautiful, and corn chest high on June 24, the growing season is way ahead, getting more so all the time.  We ran into the nastiest storm with the weirdest shaped clouds, feather fingers dangling down, not at all smooth spinning tornado like, but columns falling down with feathers reaching out.  The front was extreme, super windy and tree branches blowing all over, we were running late and this didn’t help, but it was a fun storm to be in.  By the time we got to Galesville, it was long gone.

But quick, get to work, and chat with everyone coming in — between the CETF person at the door and NoCapX just inside in the hallway, we made them run the gauntlet before CapX even saw the whites of their eyes!

Here are all the handouts, in a bunch:

Comment Suggestions – Scope EIS


Mortgage Companies taking eminent domain compensation

OK, now on to Fountain City!

The deadline for comments has been extended to July 25th, BUT I don’t have a formal announcement yet.  Do have it in writing from Stephanie Strength.  I’ll post the official Notice.

“One would think” it’s because of the good meeting attendance, eh?

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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace