Senate District 25 – CapX 2020 target

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There’s an election happening in Senate District 25, and the CapX 2020 transmission corridor goes right through it!  Is anyone paying attention?  They’d better!  Over 70,000 landowners got notices, and many in Senate District 25 were among them.  There was a meeting in the District at the Arlington Community Center about CapX on Tuesday.

Are any of the Senate candidates even aware?


The candidates are Ray Cox (R) and Kevin Dahle (DFL) and Vance Norgaard (IP).  Ray Cox voted for the 2005 Transmission Bill from Hell (Energy Ominous Bill) that opened the door wide open for Xcel to march these transmission lines through Minnesota.  Ray will claim we “need,” parroting CapX, but ask him to back it up and watch what happens!   Dahle’s position?  Generally, the DFL is as guilty as the R’s in toadying for Xcel, but Dahle hasn’t taken a position that I’ve heard.  Norgaard hasn’t either.   There’s a debate tonight.  ASK THEM ABOUT IT!  And if they make the claim that it’s for wind, you know what to do!!!!  ASK THEM WHAT THEY’LL DO TO STOP IT!!!

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