RUS process for CapX 2020

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Got word today, as those of you who sent comments did, that “comments were received” and a blurb about how it goes.

Here’s the poop:

All comments will be analyzed and summarized in a public scoping report, which will be posted on the following web address in approximately 60 days:,%20Inc.

The scoping comment period is now closed.  Please see the attached timeline for future public comment opportunities in the Environmental Impact Statement process.

RUS NEPA process fact sheet

If you have further comments or questions please send them to:

Stephanie A. Strength
Environmental Protection Specialist/RD
1400 Independence Ave. SW Room # 2244
Washington, DC 20250-1571

To get a feel for where this is going, take a look at their “Scoping Report” for Dairyland’s coal plant that had been proposed for St. Ansgars or New Hampton, IA.    St. Ansgars is a Big Stone II redux, with the plant just south of the Minnesota border.  It’s my understand that this was cancelled, but I’ll check that out after I get this posted.  CapX would probably help this little puppy just as it’s helping Big Stone II…

Public Scoping Report – Dairyland St. Ansgars/New Hampton Coal Plant

Note what they do with comments, they just list them, under a one word topic, and a short on word to short phrase description.  This is not fine art here, so don’t worry, comments don’t need to be particularly artful.

And again, here’s what there is for this process on CapX 2020 thus far:

Alternative Evaluation Study

Macro Corridor Study (they mean MACRO, 66MB)

Chapters 1-4

Chapter 5

Chapters 6-7


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