Tonight in Lakeville

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Today and tonight we’ve been having the Brookings CapX 2020 routing hearings in Lakeville, at the Holiday Hotel.  We’re just starting the evening session.  As we leave, I’ll post the evening session notes.

The New Prague hearing for last night was cancelled, and we don’t have a reschedule date yet.  Will keep you posted on that.

Notes thus far:

December 10 – ROUGH notes

There’s been some excellent testimony.  One theme I see is that over and over and over, “routes” that made it through the scoping process and on into the DEIS are utterly unworkable, something that should have been known at the time, at the time they were suggested, at the time they went into the scope, and in the DEIS.  But no… that all happened, people got notice, and it never should have gotten that far.  GRRRRRRRRR.

Just a few minutes ago, like 11:20 or so, Dan Wambeke trekked back to another hearing to enter exhibits, four requests from Lyon County for Citizen Advisory Task Forces, including one from Lyon County itself, another from Westerheim, Grandview and Fairview Townships.  FOUR REQUESTS for a task force from local governments…

More to follow…

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